Closet Audit/Organizing

Personal Shopping/ Styling

Wardrobe Reconstruction

Men- Custom Handmade Suits

Teach Me:

Closet Organization

Color Blocking

Seasonal Shopping


Closet Audit/Organizing– Get your closet cleaned and organized. Letting go of the old clothes that you haven’t worn in years, too small, or just simply letting it go. We will provide organizational tips to help improve your lifestyle. We will give you a list of charities you can donate your old clothes too or consignment shops you can make money from selling your old clothes. This job will require an assessment estimate must be booked with a deposit and must be scheduled one week in advance.
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Estimates can range from $40-$100/hr. (Additional Fee we offer hangers that you can purchase from us with a 2-week notice).

Personal Shopper/Stylist – Do you have an upcoming event or just need help with shopping? A stylist will pick up several clothing options and show you how to style on a designated date. Booking is a minimum of 2 hours and must be scheduled one week in advance. Deposit is required when scheduling. 
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Wardrobe Reconstruction– Rebuilding your wardrobe can be exciting when we are starting from the bottom. Sometimes it’s just time for a change. A stylist will consult with you to get a sense of your style. Consultation can be up to one hour. This package is for a whole day of style. An hour break will be factored in. For example if you choose 8-5, break is 12-1. Booking must be scheduled two weeks in advance. Deposit is required when scheduling. When booking, simply type in the subject box “Wardrobe Reconstruction”.  Buy Now Button $300 (8 hours Full Work Day)

Please contact us for more information. When booking, in the subject write “Personal Shopper” in the detail box along with your desired service choice.

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  1. Since moving to the Atlanta area two years ago, I have lost 55 pounds and I am now down to my ideal weight. Only problem was that the sizes in my entire wardrobe were way too large, I needed everything. I hired Crown With A Purpose professional shopping service to help me out. On Saturday, I spent the day with Jasmine shopping. It was quite the experience. I gave her a $1000 budget to work her magic. She not only knows where to find the bargains without sacrificing quality, she has an impeccable sense of style. Jasmine was given a free hand in selecting the items I needed, and she did an extraordinary job in finding items that I really liked. Although Jasmine was very professional and very focused on the task at hand, she was a delight to work with and made the whole event fun. Insisting that I try on everything, Jasmine made sure that not only everything fit, but that everything looked great on me. In seven hours time, I have acquired more great looking clothes than I could have shopping on my own over several weeks. In the end, the total added up to less than $900. Thanks to Jasmine, if I had purchased the same things on my own, without her knowledge of where to find the bargains, I probably would have spent $2000 or more. Crown With A Purpose professional shopping service is well worth the investment!

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