Camel + Faux Fur + Denim

 Greetings guys! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I’m so excited to share with you guys what I have been working on for the upcoming NEW YEAR!!! I did several Fall/Winter looks for under $100. Which is pretty awesome when you can look stylish on a budget. I’m here to show you, that you don’t have to break the bank during shopping this winter. I challenge all my fashionista’s next time you go shopping to tag me on my social media sites. Show me your Fall/Winter looks for under $100. I know after the holidays there will be a lot of great sales, so why not take advantage of the sale racks. I hope you enjoy!

Photographer: B. Alyssa Trofort

MUA: Bobbie Riot

Stylist: Jasmine Rasco

I was wearing: Camel Wrap Coat: $32.99 (Edge by Know Styles). Cream Bodysuit: $21.95 (Love Culture). Denim Wide Leg Jeans: $13.25 (Buffalo Exchange). Faux Brown Fur Scarf: $24.99 (H&M). Camel Hat: (old). Cat Eye Sunglasses: (old).
Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

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