Hello to all of my natural ladies and beautiful peeps! I wanted to share with you one of the things I take to keep my natural hair looking healthy and fierce! HAIRFINITY VITAMINS!!!!! Yes, they do work! I’m so happy with the results Hairfinity has given me.

I started taken Hairfinity in December 2014, and it has been almost a year since I did the big chop. I’m natural, and it has been a crazy journey trying to maintain my natural hair. Thanks to my natural hair stylist Angee’ (IG @iamangeelove) for taking good care of my hair. I don’t know what I would do without her. I’m still learning how to maintain this hair of mine. LOL!!!

I highly recommend this product if you’re trying to grow your hair. You have to be consistent while taking it to see results. Drinking plenty of water helps too! So don’t give up on your hair growth journey. If you have other alternative ways to keep your hair healthy and growing please share with me. I love to hear from you. Don’t forget to hashtag me on IG  #crownwithapurpose.

First two Pictures taken on April 2, 2015  

The last 3 pictures taken on December 4, 2015  

I order a six month supply. 


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