New Mac Liquid Lipsticks!!!

New Mac Liquid Lipsticks-(left to right)Feels So Grand, High Drama, Dance With Me!  


I’m wearing the “Feels So Grand” liquid lipstick in the picture below. 


I always tend to grab a red lipstick no matter how many shades of red I already have already. Lol!!! I love how it last all day. The color is a true red and very pigmented. I didn’t have to go back and apply anymore. These are right now my current favorite lipsticks. I was able to grab two other colors. Let me know if you tried any other colors. Please tag me IG: @crownwithapurpose and hashtag us #crownwithapurpose. 
Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco 

10 responses to “New Mac Liquid Lipsticks!!!

    • Yes, high drama is the one in the middle. Which color are you thinking about buying? I can also take picture of me wearing high drama for you. I haven’t worn it yet. I think you’re going to love them. They last all day.


  1. There’s one called oh, lady which I like and also lady be good. One is a dark purple and the other is a pale brown. I need to see them in the store, I’ve only looked online. Can’t wait 😊 x


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