Brown Sugar & Coconut Oil Scrub = FLAWLESS SKIN

One of my secrets to surviving this winter is a homemade sugar scrub. I used to be embarrassed because my feet would always peel. It didn’t matter how much lotion I would use in about an hour it would go back to dry and look dull. I didn’t know how to take good care of my skin especially during the winter months. I had dry feet, and that’s not cute.

Don’t let me forget to mention my peeling dry lips. Oh my if I wore a beautiful red lipstick, you could see my lips peeling from underneath. AWFUL!!! So I started buying body scrubs and lip exfoliators. That can become costly, so I decided to take matters into my hands, and I did some research on homemade body scrubs.

I couldn’t believe I had most of the ingredients already in my kitchen. So I decide why not make a body scrubs. Who knew brown sugar and coconut oil could make your skin feel so soft and moisturized. Brown sugar is inexpensive, and you can buy a nice size jar of coconut oil for around $10. So I decided to share with you guys the benefits of using coconut oil and brown sugar as an all over body scrub for your skin.

Thank me later! Hope you enjoy, and please share with me any other homemade body scrubs you’ve tried and I’ll try them out!
Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

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