Coral & Gold Winter Look!

  Be CONFIDENT in yourself! Every day I strive to be the best version of myself. I know that I can do anything I set my mind to do. A woman who walks in PURPOSE doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to PURSUE her. -Quote unknown.          
  I’m thankful for the dreams and vision God has given me. I strive to use my CROWN every day to bless and inspire others. I like to look stylish but on a budget, and I want to show you that you can take what you have in your closet and add KEY pieces to complete your look. I love the different shades of coral and hints of gold throughout this look. My outfit is another Olivia Pope inspired look too. The trousers are from five years ago, and the KEY piece coral jacket is a recent purchase. ENJOY!!!


Photo Credit: Kristy Sexton

Hair/MUA/Stylist: Jasmine Rasco

I’m wearing: Forever 21 Coral Coat- $49.90, Love Culture Top- $12.99, H&M Gold/Black Necklace-$7, Bebe Gold Belt-$20.99, Coral Trousers- (old), Ralph Lauren Cream Handbag- $130 (from Marshalls).

10 responses to “Coral & Gold Winter Look!

  1. I am extremely in love with this look! It’s definitely getting us prepared for Spring. The different shades of coral with the accents of gold and black is a superb match. The post gets 10 stars of yasssssss hhuuunnttyy

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  2. I wish more people understood how confidence affects others. I would choose an average looking woman with confidence over a model with low self esteem. If you can inspire just one young lady to walk “with purpose”, then she may change the world. Also with so many living beyond their means, it’s nice to see you saying that you can look good on a budget. Since you are young and beautiful, whatever you wear looks stunning. I think the best version of you every day is one of life’s greatest lessons. You have a chance to change your stars with thinking like that. Keep up the great work!!! Wes

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