Hello February!!!! 

Hello, February!!! Can you believe we are in the second month of the 2016 year? I’m so amazed how quick January have come and gone. It feels good to start fresh and clean. I welcome new beginnings and blessings.

I welcome better eating habits, save more and spend less, adventures, friendships, peace, and everything the universe have to offer in divine order. Let’s kick off February with checking our self. Have you seen progress so far in the new year? What is your wildest dream? Are you on track to a better lifestyle?

Have you started investing in yourself? Do you have new goals? Let’s be self-motivated each day with a daily positive quote.

    I LIVE MY GREATNESS NOW. I LIVE MY GREATNESS NOW. I LIVE MY GREATNESS NOW. I name it, I claim it, I believe it, I receive it, and so it is….       

– Hillside International Truth Center
Remember you can still reach those goals you set for 2016. If you have daily quotes that keep you motivated, please share with me. I would love to share with my friends and family. Happy Monday!!! Be Great!!!

Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

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