Lipstick Galore: Low and High-end brands


  Greetings and Happy Wednesday!!!! How is everyone new year going so far? Can you believe we’re in the second month of the year? I was doing some shopping the other day at Sephora and Mac, and I picked up a couple of nude/brown lipsticks. The colors are so beautiful. I thought why not share with you guys my new favorite lipsticks. I also picked out some of my lipsticks I already had that are inexpensive to share too. 

We all know when it comes to buying makeup it can be expensive, so I’m sharing with you some of my low/high end lipsticks that are perfect for a natural every day look. These are just a few I own and if you would like to see a natural makeup look created with one of my lipsticks comment below. 
Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco 

  Mac Cosmetic Lipsticks(Left to Right): Fresh Brew, Verve, Photo, Touch. $17each   

Too Faced liquid lipsticks-$21

Chocolate Honey & Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate    I’m wearing the chocolate honey with Mac bittersweet lip liner.    
Milani (Left to Right)- Nude Creme, Matte Innocence, Matte Naked, Matte Beauty. $4.97 each drugstore brand   
Revlon- Blushing Nude & Rum Raisn $6.69 drugstore brand    

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