Happiness is the secret to all BEAUTY!!!


 Happiness is the secret to all BEAUTY. There is no BEAUTY without HAPPINESS.
                                                                                – Christian Dior

Happy Monday!!! I first want to thank everyone who entered our Sephora Gift Card Giveaway and Congrats to Aaliyah Nails. If you been following us on social media, you know we picked the winner live on periscope by randompicker.com. I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve also been under the weather. I’m proud to say I feel 100% better.
So did everyone have a good Valentine weekend? I hope everyone received beautiful gifts and was in the company of loved ones.

So back to the quote above: Happiness is the secret to all BEAUTY….What are some of your secrets to staying happy and positive? For me, I wake up every morning and listen to MWF motivational podcast by Rob Dial. He always leaves me feeling motivated and ready to conquer the world. If you are looking for a great podcast to listen to in the mornings, I highly recommend him.

I also listen to Joel Osteen. It’s a couple of things I do to create a happy life for me. My secret is starting my morning off with positive quotes, podcast, and writing in a journal. If you listen to another great podcast please share with me. I’m always looking for another positive podcast to follow.

  I hope everyone has a Happy Monday and a great week ahead. Life is too short not to be happy. Let’s create a happy life together!!!


Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

Photo Credit: Kristen Sexton

Stylist/MUA: Jasmine Rasco

I’m wearing: H&M Mint Green Sweater-$10, Zara Green Faux Leather Skirt-$25.99, Bebe Gold Chain Belt-$16.99, Go Jane Gold Heels-Old.

7 responses to “Happiness is the secret to all BEAUTY!!!

  1. One thing I do almost everyday is thank God for beautiful inspiring people like you. I am so thankful that we are friends! And I am so proud of of everything you have accomplished so far and going to accomplish. Love you Jasmine !

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