Thicker Than Water Premiere Show

 Happy Monday! How was everyone’s Easter weekend? I saw a lot of cute babies all dressed up for Easter on my social media timeline. I gave best dressed awards in my head lol to so many cute babies. So over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a red carpet T.V. Show event for “Thicker Than Water”.

I had the pleasure of meeting so many reality tv stars. You could feel the energy in the room and it was an amazing energy. I can tell the majority of the people I came in contact with were definitely walking in their purpose. It was an amazing feeling that I literally wish I could bottle up and pass it out to everyone who I came in contact with, that isn’t sure what their purpose is in life, and would hope this will help motivate them to take that leap of faith and find their purpose. As for me I love fashion, so I blog about fashion and surround my self around entrepreneurs.

Mrs. Juicy from Little Women of Atlanta.

     I want whatever they have to rub off on me. So today I challenge you to share a positive message or quote with a stranger. Share a smile and let your amazing spirit rub off on to the next person. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and use the hashtag #crownwithapurpose.

 Outfit Details: Bebe Green Jacket-$67, white blouse- old, white pants-old, Go Jane Gold heels- old, BCBG Red Handbag (Marshalls)-$32. P.s You don’t always have to go out and buy a new outfit for an event. I took what I already had in my closet some new and some old and put it together to achieve this look.

Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

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