Hello, April!!!


   I welcome new blessings and blooming flowers. Can you guys believe it’s already April? The weather is beautiful and oh mother nature is giving us beautiful flowers. I can just enjoy the wonder gifts that God created for each any every one of us. Just take a look outside and tell me what do you see?


   I see opportunities. If you have been following me on social media, you know that I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy working out, cooking and blogging about my endeavors. I am thankful for what this year has already brought me. Which is HAPPINESS! When I say, I see opportunities; I see the opportunity for growth.

  I hope you guys continue to grow with me this year as well. I always talk about find your passion and do more of what makes you happy. Well, this month I am taking the initiative step to document everything. I am setting that as a personal goal. What are some of your April goals?


  If you haven’t thought about setting a goal for April, it’s not too late. Just take a couple of minutes to write down your goal for this month. I promise you will start seeing a difference in your life. It can be small or big. Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

Photographer : Kristy Sexton

Stylist: Jasmine Rasco

Outfit Details: Forever21 White Vest- $22.90, H&M Taupe Basic Dress-$10, Zara Necklace-$29.99, WetSeal Taupe Fringe Heels-$29.90. 

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