Grandma and I take over River Street….. Mother’s Day Style!

Happy Monday!!! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope everyone had a
great weekend. I know I enjoyed myself with my grandmother. We took a trip to river street in Savannah, GA for Mother’s Day Weekend.

  I have to advise you if you ever go to river street make sure you wear comfortable shoes. It’s a cobblestone street, and tennis shoes would be your best friend. So my grandmother and I had lunch at the Shrimp Factory on River Street, and the food was pretty good. We order crab cakes, fried shrimp, and oysters.  I know I had to say bye bye to healthy salads for that weekend. 

How could I give up a taste of delicious fried seafood? The restaurant had a great atmosphere, and the waitress was friendly. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait long for a table because it seems like everybody came to visit River Street that weekend. After lunch, we visit some of the vendors who were set up, and I stop by this one vendor who sold cheesecake in a jar. I thought how cool to have one of my favorite desserts in a jar. I couldn’t pass

up the cheesecake, so I bought a strawberry cheesecake.
 After that, I think I wore my grandmother out, and she was ready to go. Lol!!! I’m so grateful I was able to spend an adventurous weekend with my 75-year-old grandmother. Yes, she is 75 and still gets around better than me. I love how active she is at her age. I’ll share a secret with you. My grandmother secret to looking so young is water and staying active. I hope everyone have a great weekend and remember to follow us on social media. Use the hashtag #crownwithapurpose.

Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

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