Welcome to MIAMI!!!


My experience flying for the first time on my own was filled with mixed emotion of excitement and nervousness. I’ve always wanted to travel and venture out, but fear was holding me back. I still had the small town girl mindset. Believe it or not, I would hesitate about traveling to different places. It took for me to be in therapy literally to book my first flight.IMG_5052

My therapist encouraged me to do what I told her in therapy. I want to thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams. Flying wasn’t my fist time; it was my second time. I went to Miami for my 23rd birthday last year, but I had someone walking me through the whole process. I went with a group of people, so it’s not the same as far as traveling on your own.IMG_5054

Here I go on my first solo plane trip, I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was scared I was going to arrive there late or go to the wrong gate. I was making things up that never happened in my mind. TSA is there to assist you so there’s no reason why you would get on the wrong flight. So finally here I am at the gate, and I have a whole hour and a half until my flight departed.

So I decided to do my makeup and straighten my hair to kill some time. I went for a natural look. If you would like a detail list of the products I used on my face, just leave a comment below. So here I am finally landed in Miami, and the view from my hotel is beautiful. I couldn’t wait to change out of my airport clothes and get all dressed up.


Today I’m wearing a cute orange/white floral print 2-piece outfit by Known Styles $15.99 top $15.99 bottom. My rose gold sandals are from Forever 21 $9.99, Shades $9.99, and my black handbag is by Zac Posen (Saks Fifth Avenue off 5). I hope everyone is having a terrific Thursday. Add me on snap chat to see more of my Miami trip username: @rasco21

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