5. Stay hydrated – let’s be honest, sometimes drinking plain water can be boring, so I like to add fruit to my water to give it an extra boost of flavor. Sometimes I add lemon only or watermelon, cantaloupe, and lemon for a refreshing taste. Lately, the weather has been in the high 90’s-100 degrees. We don’t want to pass out in the sun. So next time you go to the grocery store grab a fruit tray and add fruit to your water.

4. Go to the park or run in your neighborhood. Let’s sweat off the unwanted extra pounds and burn lots of calories. If you can run early in the morning before it gets too hot or late in the evenings.

3. Say no to CARBS and fried food!!! I know it’s so hard to say no to the server when they bring you fresh hot rolls while you’re waiting for your meal. Trust me the struggle is real! I get it, but I also want to continue looking fabulous all summer 16. Try cutting out carbs and fried food. Substitute grill or bake food instead of fried food. Double up on veggies instead of having a side of rice.

2. Find a hobby. Do something you would enjoy doing. Rather it’s taking up a photography class, starting a blog, checking out the “Meet Ups” app and joining a group. Whatever you decide to do make sure it’s something that you would do for free. You never know your hobby may turn into income for you.Β 


“Sam” Swimsuit is by Draya Michele http://www.mint-swim.com

Sunglasses “Controlla” http://www.jrazzcollection.com



1. Last but not least take a trip to the beach before the summer is over. After all you deserve it, and you should show off that new summer body that you’ve been working on all summer.Blue Print Romper-$25.99 (Vivi Boutique), (“Nicole” Cat Eye sunglassesΒ are from http://www.jrazzcollection.com) use my coupon code: “crownwithapurpose” for a discount.Β 

What are some of you guys summer tips? I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Make sure you guys are following us on social media. We will be doing a giveaway soon. #crownwithapurpose

xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

2 responses to “5 Tips to SLAYING ALL SUMMER 16

  1. I love your healthy eating/drinking tips! Considering that I’m a stickler for sweet drinks, adding fruit to my water is a great way to say bye bye to sodas and sugary juices but still get a great taste!

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