Hello. Happy Tuesday!!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a fashion blog post. I’ve been waiting for one of my favorite seasons to come in so I can sport cute boots, trench coats, and many other fabulous fall statement pieces. So the other day I went thrifting looking for an oversized army jacket.

Unfortunately, I had no luck finding one. But I did score these bad boys. Can you believe I only paid $21 for these black thigh high boots? I’m not big on brands, but the quality of the boots was amazing I had to see who was the designer.

Behold the designer “London Trash”… Of course, I googled because I wasn’t familiar with the brand, so I was surprised these boots were around $300 retail value.   I think I deserve a thrifting trophy lol.What are some of you guys favorite spots to go thrifting? What are some of the deals you scored on name brands? I’m still on the hunt for an oversized army jacket. If you guys know of any other cool thrifting places to shop at please comment below.

Sunglasses: “Super Star” IG: @jrazzcollection use coupon code: CROWNWITHAPURPOSE for a discount. Top-$9.99 , Nude skirt-$15 by H&M. 

Xoxo- Jasmine Rasco

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